We at Alspec recognised many engineering materials are generic in size/shape, chemical composition and mechanical properties (these are usually governed by international standards).  However, they can be difficult to locate, and how do you know you're dealing with a reputable business?  With this in mind we wanted to create a sales platform for both reputable suppliers and customers to meet and do business.  


Alspec is a search, compare and buy comparison site for engineering materials listed by us, and offered by many different suppliers or manufacturers (we audit all suppliers/manufacturers).  


From apples and groceries, to aluminium, titanium, our product listings are endless.  Our strength is we display the suppliers details, and their price against a listed product they wish to offer, which includes a full specification of that product.  They pay us a fee if a user clicks on their product listed, and we also charge a small fee for any product purchased via the platform.  


We are not party to any contractual agreement between you and any particular supplier for products purchased.


Suppliers maintain their prices remotely through an exclusive login area, and can change at any time in line with market fluctuations. They can also add products, and remove products in any approved category via their exclusive login area.

In total, Alspec lists over 100,000 product configurations and this continues to grow.  


Our platform is fully functional for import/export sales and purchases, and we have been viewed in overs 160 countries worldwide.  


Want to increase sales or buy materials with confidence, Alspec can assist.


New Suppliers - 

Get on line now...have the ability to sell 24/7 with no changes to your existing business structure...

  1. Complete and submit the 'Become a supplier' form, noting all categories you wish to add prices to listed products.
  2. Register an account, and agree to online terms and conditions.
  3. Once approved, and notified by Alspec , download the category spreadsheet from the exclusive login area.
  4. Add, your price per product (ex gst), SKU#, typical inventory quantity held, and whether pallet charges apply in the spaces provided.  Once completed (you do not have to add prices to all products) import via the exclusive login area.
  5. Email; freight/distance charges, and long length freight/distance charges (template available from Alspec ).  Alspec add this at masterdata level per supplier
  6. Email; JPEG company logo, and your current terms and conditions of trade (pdf).
  7. You're up and running........not bad eh!!!
  8. Now change prices per category/product, monitor product views, remove or increase product offers 24/7 via your exclusive login area.


So...how do suppliers get paid for products sold?

  1. When a customer purchases a product or products listed by a supplier or suppliers, our platform automatically emails an official Alspec purchase order (minus our fees) for that product to the email address provided by the supplier (order placement), for delivery to the customer (no changes to existing business practices - delivery details contained on purchase order).  Alspec  will then transfer the funds received from the customer (once cleared) in the majority of cases in less than 48hrs from received, and prior to the shipment of the products.  We keep things simple...