Our team of creative and focused individuals, from all over the world, strive to build an engineering materials search engine that is fast, convenient and unbiased.  After years of development, iMETALS Group has grown into a powerful worldwide brand.


Our Mission is to be;

"The buyers first, and independent source of information for finding and purchasing engineering materials at the lowest price, whilst assuring quality, certification, availability, and traceability".


For us at iMETALS Group, its all about changing the way buyers search for products, and compare prices.  Simultaneously, we are focused on enabling suppliers to advertise and grow their businesses by providing access to a global audience of buyers.


Our Search

With our simple homepage tiles, and mobile friendly intuitive functions, you can view over 25 thousand products from more than 400 suppliers, in over 50 countries, with difference prices to compare.  Our product information, pictures, filters and other features are all available to help you make the best selection.  We want to make sure you receive all the information required to complete the purchase via our site.


Set your location, and be assured all products viewed, can be purchased and delivered to your location.  With smart technology, we hide products that are not offered, or cannot be delivered to a particular location.  Change your location or even country, and see the exact same product offered and the price its offered at.  Benchmark country by country, state by state or supplier by supplier to understand products and prices offered.


Our Supply Partners

Whether you are currently an online business supplying engineering materials, a network of distribution warehouses or an independent, we aim to promote your business, grow and compete in our marketplace.  All we ask is that you must have a minimum accreditation of ISO 9001, and will allow our staff to undertake a full audit of all manufacturing or warehousing facilities.


No matter what your technical resources are, iMETALS Group has a range of tools and services for you to be found, and compete online, from improving your business profile to referring quality traffic to your sites.  We currently have over 400 suppliers part of the iMETALS Group site, and continue to grow into new markets and countries.


Our Tech

Data is of course key to our success.  We regularly make new developments, test and refine our platform, believing all enhancements will improve the overall customer experience.


Our software is developed not only for our internal use but, for supplier feedback and measurement.  We are solely focused on developing a game changing innovative site to change the way engineering materials are purchased globally.


Our Marketing and Supply Partners

Traffic comes from our powerful brand iMETALS Group.  We strongly believe in continuing to build and maintain the iMETALS Group brand.  We also believe that supplier partners should promote their brand directly to all traffic, and for this reason, we allow supply partners logo's, and business addresses to be part of our online offer.  We also regularly promote individual businesses by our monthly suppliers profile page contained on our home page.


Our Products

Access our search and price comparison site and compare over 25 thousand products from 400 suppliers, and over 50 countries, all at your fingertips, from your desktop, smartphone or tablet.